Finding their souls

20. Oct, 2016

When i first met you Rebecca i was 13, i remember giving you a bracelet that was given to me, through that bracelet you read everything about my life from all the horrible things that had happened to me all the way to the good things, from that moment you have always been there for me through the easy times and the hard 💕
In 2009 i fell pregnant and i came to you for guidance, you told me without me even knowing i was going to be having a baby girl, with a yellow rabbit blanket, then 2010 i had my beautiful baby girl and again you were there to help me - to guide me when i had no clue where my life was going, to this day you have always guided me in the right direction even if i couldn't wait 😂, i will forever be grateful for the time & unconditional love you have given & shown me over the 8 years we have known one another, You are a pure golden soul, a rare gem 💕💚 I love you from the bottom of my heart to the heavens above, i dont know where i would be if you werent there to guide me 💕 Thank you for being my guide 💕💕