I thought I would just devote this section to my website!

The making of Zen Zion The garden of Peace and Wellness

I'm not sure if everyone actually realises it or not, this dream is mine for sure, but my intention is to share it with all those who pursue theirs! It's not a garden I want to build just so I can have somewhere I can go to meditate or find serenity... Its one for us to be married in!... It's a project that will open up so many opportunities for the community to do the same! I intend this garden to be a place where people, like minded souls, so like myself can find their peace and serenity, to be able to wander through the plants and the trees and get in touch with Mother Nature! My whole intention is to, one day open & own a wellbeing centre which I will call 'Zen Zion, Wellness Retreat. You may be saying "it's only a dream", but with faith, persistence, perseverance and intention, 'only a dream' can become a reality... When I dreamed up my vision of the future, I saw our home, our garden, our wellness centre... Reiki, meditation, aromatherapy, massage, holistic counselling and many other services will be available from our centre along with 7 Chakra rooms that people from a distance will be able to stay in so as to be able to enjoy what we offer... I am an accredited meditation teacher/holistic counsellor and I also do intuitive and card readings... I'm not any different from any of you... But I do have belief in what's possible and... Dreams... Our zen garden... Hopes... Our Wellbeing centre... Aspirations... A home run business that offers all services to all people's seeking guidance and enlightenment... Reality... A dream come true... Our lives... Happy and fulfilled and knowing we've meant more to life than just living... Thank you for all your donations, cost cutting and time and effort that has been put into Zen Zion... The place where dreams begin to become reality, you have helped a dream enter into a state of fruition... Now I'm back to me and I am now 2 years post breast cancer, I will be out there making this dream become a reality... Getting my hands dirty and proving to everyone... Dreams really can come true!