9. Sep, 2018

Another day, another dollar.

Do we really know what money is? If we didn’t have money could we truly survive? Money is a currency. It is a bargaining chip we use to get what we want in life. If we didn’t want for anything then we wouldn’t have a need for money. But do you stop to think of where it all comes from and where it all goes? Do you know what you’re spending your money on? How are you earning it? Is it legal? Do you have a right to what you’re receiving? They say money is the root of all evil. But it’s not the money that’s actually bad, it’s what you could potentially do with the money. Do you go to work day in, day out to earn your money? Do you take it from those who cannot afford to give it away? Do you steal it? Do you run a business and you’re money belongs to clients and clientele? If money was no object what would you do? Would you share it? Would you invest it? Would you give it to those less fortunate than you? If you won the jackpot in a game of chance. Would you know what to do with your riches? Who would benefit from your win? Many people never give money a second thought, especially when they live in abundance of wealth. Other people live strictly and frugalously to make every cent stretch into the next pay week. Some don’t know how to handle what they have and endeavour to make even more. Whilst others waste what they have and expect even more. Money is a funny thing. Without it we’re unhappy, with it we‘re unhappy, without it we don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, with it we can fall into darkness. It’s not what you have! Or don’t have! It’s what you do with what you have and how grateful you are to have it. Being grateful allows the doors of the universe to open and let more opportunities in to prosper with money. Squander it and or hoard it and there is no way of letting in any more. You stifle the flow of money and therefore all avenues close. Work for your money. If you cannot work, spend your money wisely. Save your money, invest your money, make it work for you. In the end what you do or don’t do with your money is your business. But I’ve found, if you cannot afford to give, give more. If you cannot afford to save, save more. Giving up the little things and then putting that amt aside will give you more in the end. Spend wisely peoples. Blog off!