9. Sep, 2018

One big jigsaw

Life truly is just one big jigsaw puzzle. First you have this whole border figured out! The corners are all in place and the frame is complete. Now you have a 1000 pieces to slot into the correct positions to make your jigsaw puzzle complete. But where do these pieces go? Well of course you‘ll try this spot and that spot until one slots into place. Then you’ll pick up the next piece and you’ll do it all again until every single piece fits into the correct spot. But what if you pick up a piece and it just doesn’t fit? Then of course you’ll put that down and with the hopes of picking it back up later, you’ll try on the next one for size. This is a lot like the relationships in your life. If he/she doesn’t fit. Try another and another until one just slots into place. Now if the jigsaw puzzle is a difficult one. Say 5000 pieces and you are yet to finish the border and only a couple of pieces are yet to be put in the correct spot. How do you truly expect those pieces your picking up to slot in perfectly? If you are yet to complete the outer edge, then the inner pieces will never fit, you’ll just flounder about till the puzzle has more pieces correctly placed as the ones you‘re hoping will fit have no edges to connect to. When we pick up the pieces and all of a sudden they just seem to slot in, that’s because we have constructed the outer edge and the inner pieces have now got something to build onto. It is then that we start to see the bigger picture emerge before our eyes. Our lives are just one big jigsaw puzzle. With large and small pieces of it, fragments of memories, in our faces adversities. These are all pieces of our huge puzzle. Once we pick every piece up, examine it, decide wether to try to make it fit, and if it doesn’t, then put it down and try it again later. In the end we will all have a completed jigsaw puzzle and not a single piece will be out of place or missing. To make our lives complete we must pick up every single piece and try it to see if it has a place yet or wether it will fit later. Put it down and instead of giving up, its all too hard, keep picking up those pieces one by one. They all fit, it’s just up to us to know where and when and how... enjoy putting together your jigsaw puzzles peoplez... no 2 are the same ... blog off!