5. Sep, 2018

Thrill chill

Wow! It’s been a while! Tonight I had to add this here 😊 

A little bit of a thrill chill ran down my spine just now...

When I was accessing my bank Acct and knew I had to pay the majority of my wages and savings out in bills this week I felt a shiver run down my spine... it wasn’t a “oh no!” Kind of shiver though. It was a “yeah”... kind of shiver... after being forced to go bankrupt over 20 years ago, I never thought I would again have the chance to pay a credit card payment or a personal loan payment or any kind of payment of credit whatsoever ... Back then it wasn’t a choice I was given, rather “You have to before he destroys you!” Now! I look at where my money goes and I live by the strictest of strict budgets you’ll ever see. There’s nothing on it that doesn’t spell disaster, in the wrong hands, my budget would send someone broke... but in my hands it is proportioned so well that every single cent is accounted for... yes! Every single cent... this comes as a result of losing everything after I built a beautiful staircase to my dreams and standing back and watching it, literally, be burnt down. Not once but twice in my lifetime. Tonight I smiled, when I paid the water bill... the gardener for my Zen Garden, my car, my credit card, Certegy for my fence, around my Zen Garden, my phone, my business phone Acct, health insurances and every other bill imaginable, the list goes on for us all... to be poured out of the cup I fill every f/n with only my work ... and leaving the tiniest bit left over to not need, not want, but to get through ... I smiled! I shivered a little and I put my hands together, 🙏🏻prayed a little prayer and added today’s note to my gratitude jar. One day everything I put out of my hands will come flowing back into my life, just like it already has, and I’ll be thanking myself for living this way.
Just a note to all... what you put into your life, you’ll pour out of your cup, which will flow back into your life... it’s come full circle.

Years ago I wrote a poem called money💰...

If I were to write another now it would be... prosperity 🙏🏻

Blog off!