7. Nov, 2016

It's OK to meltdown, just don't unpack and stay there! Part 5

Ok! It's taken me a little while to write this update but here goes! 

On 2/11, I headed into the dentist for what was supposed to be a simple check up and re try of the plate that was all ready to be fitted next Wed 9/11 ... or so I thought...

I drove into town and arrived a little late as I'd had to return home to p/u my HBF card... I headed back to town and when I finally arrived I was led straight into the room... I knew it wasn't going to pan out just as I had planned that day..  I could feel it in my bones lol... and I was right! 

I sat up in the chair and in the time I was there I had my first un scheduled extraction... after a lot of needles used to try to numb my whole mouth, omg! It was so very painful and I'm still suffering from it now... I honestly didn't realize how long it had been since my teeth had any sensation, not to mention my mouth. The dentist began to extract the affected tooth and found that it had an abcess attached to it which obviously was causing all the pain... I know I'm in for a ride of my life with this dental work I'm having... I'm now on strong AB's and with every ounce of hope in my body I am wishing this will finally be the end of all the pain and suffering... I was scheduled to attend again on the Friday in which I picked up my prescriptions and began the long haul home... 

I am now scheduled to attend my appt on the 9/11, this being the final leg in this journey and hopefully will result in me having a full set of teeth... a beautiful smile to accompany my newly done set of nails and my soon to be final transformation ... I wonder what that will be!!! Please be sure to follow next week's blog to find out! 

Thank you for your continuing love and support. 

Blog off!