2. Nov, 2016

Good morning all... Time for a blog post!! Keep reading if you dare!

Almost time to get up and get my glutamusmaximus into gear and finish the yard clean up... We're soon to have the pleasure of Dave's mum Noeline spending a couple of weeks with us again, oh oh! That means it must be Ant's 10th birthday soon! This little boy is growing so rapidly into a gorgeous young man... I don't see him as much as I would like, but Kudos to you Kara, you're doing a fantastic job as a mother, better than I have ever done... I can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store... Today is my 4th fitting appt with the dentist and next week, the final ... D day... Dooms day... All my top teeth will be removed and a plate will be fitted... I'm so excited & yet so in awe of it even happening!! ... To smile, for real, wow! These are the things only dreams are made of ... Cya at 2 Yvonne.... Now Our MHSD van is in the process of being completed, I have to finish paying for the dismantling of the white one and then to bring home the burgundy beauty! (I still have a few Santa pants left) Things are certainly happening quickly around here... Decluttering is slowly happening, it's not an easy task! To let go completely is a slow process! But I'm getting there! my first lot of succulent gardens are now in their new home and I have another lot on the go! Ty Yvette... 

I'm not going to take 'everything' away overnight, I'm slowly getting used to this time where I'm no longer losing anything... In actual fact, I'm gaining so much more... It's becoming a lot easier to empty my hand of what I once held so dear... My Linen job is no longer mine... I'm pleased to say Demmielle has mastered the task in one day... Lol ...

Watch this space... This gal ain't a mushroom anymore!... I was born to be beautiful... Inside and out! I've been made to be unsightly by scrupulous people who decided I wasn't good enough ... It's time to set my standards high and soar to the moon! The only place where heaven and earth connect!

I know now I sound like my father... Difference is... You can choose wether you want to come with me or stay on the ground! But I can tell you... There's no rainbows to be found whilst you're looking down! The rainbows you seek are in the sky above you! If you look hard enough you may just find the one that's got your name on it! The rainbow with the gold!

Anyways I've bored you all enough for now ... I'll copy this post into my blog on my website... You can find me here www.becsmahsd.com... If you want to know who I am... Come and visit me and have a chat!

Bye for now peoplez... Have a most wonder filled day... I've got fairy dust to get sprinkled and seeds to plant! Ohh how I love watching them grow!

Blog off!