20. Oct, 2016

It's ok to meltdown, just don't unpack and stay there! Part 3

The 3rd visit out of 5 


a friend and I arrived at the dentist. It was a normal, run of the mill, every day, kind of day. Well! That was until we got together and caused total havoc whilst we were waiting! 

Laugh! Omg! I haven't laughed like that for so long! I honestly didn't think I was even able to laugh that much and still have a rib cage, although, it was painful at times. 

it pretty much began with the right on time arrival... Followed by the late as ever wait... But! Yvonne was great! Now in truth, this lovely lady and I have been friends on fb for quite some time now... Bit until recently we hadn't actaully met... Briefly is a better way of describing it... first in the doorway of our car and then at my home... But I knew as soon as I wrapped my arms around her, in.A big hug, that we would be best of friends... Albeit mostly online but ideally only, what we make it! 

Now as we sat in the waiting room, Yvonne decied that she would show me this funny as post on fb... It was a duck, chase dog, and dog chase duck and so on Video.. Now I'd seen this before but right at this moment I guess they must have thought... 'NOOOOO...of course we're not 2  little children playing in the waiting room! But in all honesty that's exactly what we were... Omg! Laugh! It's been so long since even a smile had crossed this face... But laugh and act like kids we did! 

My guide suggested that we bring out the inner child this morning before I left home. Omg! truly more like the mischievious little imps... We both pulled out our iPads at that time and began to suss out each other's lives really... Me with my website and Yvonne with her new found business.. We decided that modern technology was actually quite cool... Lol 

So there we were sitting waiting and acting like fools.. Much to the utter disgust of a guy who was also waiting with us. I felt a touch of pity for him, but, mind you, it really was just a couple of gals having an awesome time... But! In the dentist??!!! 

Now my appt ran over quite late but that didn't deter us at all... We continued to make total spectacles of ourselves. After a fashion and once the poor guy who was being butchered came out of the room... It was our turn... 

I said, "just wait a moment"... Like that was really going to happen. I saw the look on their faces when I picked up my phone, seriously! No patience! 

We followed the nurse into the room. I must admit, this time there was no nerves happening at all... That had to be a good thing! The lovely young dentist arrived and began to tell us what was going to happen today. "We're just taking the mold of the plates, for the dentures when they"  ... Blah, blah, blah... Was really all I heard... I'd already begun to take myself away by this time, there was something about these places that I really didn't like but knew it was a necessary part of life... So I grinned, not grinned, and bared it, hardly... I was intent on looking at my image in the mirror opposite me... "Hmmmm", I asked myself... "Where did you go?"... "Is that really you looking back at you?" I looked old and haggard, hair unruly and OMFG!! I looked like my mother... 

Grrrr... That got me on a not so happy note in a not so happy place without even a second thought, I vowed to change... I began planning things out in my head, as I do, and began putting intent behind them. 

Then the dentist says "ready"... And he fronts up with a model of my unruly teeth in his hands... Like ewwwww, this stuff tastes rank... I told him when he shoved a plastic plate into my mouth. I felt like I was going to die! I began to meditate myself away to my 'special place'... There I found myself to be a lot more accepting than I was when I first entered this door... But, again, I knew and I still know, the results will speak for themselves... 

After a little while, which seemed like seconds to me, not sure of how long it actually stayed in my mouth, all I knew was was drooling... Like an idiotic fool! Lol, I found myself quite happy, made a difference when I let my mind wander to where I am headed and what is waiting at the other end of this journey... To be cont'd ... 

Blog off!