17. Oct, 2016

A great day = A Great life!

It's now 11.45 pm and I'm getting ready to hit the sack... This is an excerpt from my fb profile page. I thought I'd share it with you as it holds a very special message. 

Okies! I'm getting ready to call it a night! Today has been absolutely wonderful... Spent with the most awesome couple and individually enjoying each of their company... Nursing a very special little man (8 wks old) and then spoilt rotten by my son, with dinner cooked for me and served with a lovely hot chai, dishes sorted, a couple of chores done and then off to his sister's to keep her company... I truly feel so very fortunate to be living the life I have! To be able to offer my help to those who need it and more so to be able to share the wisdom they need, from my own experiences, so as to get them through to the next phase of their life... I've come a very long way from where I once was and recognising this achievement is very overwhelming at times. I cry! Not tears of sadness but tears of joy well up in my eyes when I think of all the times, years even I had suffered just to get to here! Here is where I need to be! For that I'm eternally grateful! My life is only going to get better and hopefully I can take a lot of people with me to the top. I don't want to be a millionaire but I know I'll be a wealthy, self made millionaire one day... Rich with love, friends, family and fortune. Wealth isn't what's in your wallet, it's what's in Your heart ❤ my heart is full of love and forgiveness and that's why I know I'll make it! Night night all, be sure to have the best sleep and tomoz is a brand new day! Filled with absolute wonder of what could be! I'm going to settle in with a 15-20 min meditation, followed by a very restful sleep ... I wish you all the same xx 

i hope you enjoyed this brief post. 

Blog off!