16. Oct, 2016

The connection between Heaven and Earth

Yesterday we held our 5th Sat MHSD group. During our time spent discussing many topics we were visited by people on the other side. Now I know this is something that many don't understand. Too be honest I don't think I would have believed it myself if it hadn't been done in front of 2 witnesses. For those who aren't aware, I had a stillborn son 20 years ago, we called him Brett. My daughter had a son 7 years ago, we called him Keejan. And my father passed away in 2005. Yesterday we were visited by all 3. 

it began with changing my music on my iphone. To the extent of the folder we were listening to was playing songs Etc that weren't even on the play list and to freak us out a little bit more a song   I don't even have on my phone was played in its entirety. If thats not awesome. I don't know what is! 

Wr were shown all sorts of pictures, and once we linked and acknowledged their meanings they would move on to the next thing. I believe these souls chose to communicate with us thorough my electronics, my iPhone and my iPad. The 2 ladies who were witnessing this event were as blown away as I was! I saw so many things and heard a lot of messages coming through. 

These boys decided that it was a great time to play some wicked pranks. This included some funny antics on fb. Taking pics and sending them to people in my personal messages list. If that wasn't enough they also decided to play around with my music. They say the Angels communicate with us through music. The song that played on the speaker was Bruno Mars Talking to the moon. As I stated this song isn't even on my phone. Wow! When I listened to it and took notice of the lyrics it made perfect sense. Brett was saying he wanted to communicate from the other side and he wanted me to hear and understand what he was trying to say. 

Everything I have been putting into progress, including setting up my business and making my life easier and happier was verified yesterday with these beautiful messages from heaven. I didn't realise my father was amongst them uNeil he flashed up a photo of a girl standing on a jetty. It wasn't the picture, it was when he zoomed the jetty, that I realised it was him. My fathers ashes are spread at the end of Henley Beach Jetty in SA. Later that night when I was alone I rang one of the ladies who had witnessed this amazing event. Told here that I didn't even have the song, that by the way, was her favourite! in my phone. Brett was there! He began playing with my electronics again. This time flashing up pics of 2 baby boys lying on the banks of a river. This depicting Brett and Keejan. i believe my son is about to be reincarnated into a baby about to be born. He is getting a second chance at life. For reasons other than what I honestly thought possible. I truly believe Yesterday we were connected between Heaven and earth. 

I took my phone and iPad to my daughters so she may be able to connect with her brother who she never got to meet. He came with me. Before I got there he had already arrived at his sisters. He left a calling card of the symbols 11 11 on her daughter's wardrobe. If that's not clarification, I don't know what is. 

My son, my grandson and my Father visited us yesterday, amongst all the tears and all the happy smiles they brought to our faces, with all the silly antics and all the funny events they did. We were so fortunate to be able to say that we have received, from the other side, messages of love and acceptance for all we are and all we do. 

Now! The time has come to make everything as good as it can get. 3 boys in heaven are counting on us. We wouldn't dream of letting them down. 

Thank you for sharing this beautiful event...

For all of you who would like to hear the song they used to communicate with us, here it is 


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