8. Oct, 2016

Kitty! Kitty! Bang! Bang!

Today we decided to commence with the clean up of Zen Zion The Garden of Peace and Wellness. This garden is a dream in progress for me and many others like me. The first thing that was needing to be done was to whipper snip the weeds and get them to a manageable height. Then the remaining weeds around obstacles in the garden can be pulled by hand. My gardener, Luke, proudly started his whipper snipper. Which by the way, this was the first time to try it out. 

All of a sudden, a few moments after he struck it up, we heard a bang! A Crash! And out of nowhere my beautiful cat, Indy, came flying, now when I say flying, I mean her feet didn't seem to touch the ground. So without wings, my cat was flying through the air. She jumped over the sheep enclosure fence, raced over the bridge across the pond and fell in! My beautiful girl was hanging there half in and half out of the pond. I saw my goldfish dart every way possible to escape this huge beast that had invaded their home. I truly believe if I hadn't been there though she probably would've fallen back into the water and maybe even drowned. But thank god I decided, since the gardener and his wife, son and dog Charlie seemed quite eager, to get motivated and get out in the garden and transplant a few plants around the pond and clear obstacles out of the way so he could whipper snip. Poor Indy dived under the platform in the garden and stayed there all day. I couldn't help but envision my cat swimming around in the pond, eating all my goldfish. Really, it would have been a kitty kat's delight, to the demise of my fish! All said and done Indy strolled in about an hour ago. I half expected her to be quite wet or at least damp, considering how wet she was when I dragged her out of the pond earner. The back half of her was like a drowned rat. She's now inside, been fed, after her near death experience she's doing well. Bit smoochy but alive and bounced back as if nothing happened. That concludes the excitement for today, here at Abbey Farm... There's never a dull moment and many moments become quite memorable. Thank you for following my blog.