7. Oct, 2016

I can see Angel Numbers everywhere I look!

Today was just a day! Any old day like every other day! But, for one thing! So many Angel Numbers around me at one time! It began with last night, 11.11... Which continued when I glanced at the clock again and it was 1.11... Not being able to sleep... Of course I wrote a poem... When I glanced at the clock again it was 3.33 ... This continued on and on until this morning at 5.55, yes! I was still awake... And then when I finally did manage to get to sleep, they followed me on my dreams lol... Today has been a most interesting day to say the least... 333 on my odometer reading, 888 on a number plate of a passing car and 777 on a contact number I have to follow my dreams... Yes! Now it's almost 6.15 pm and we're off out to dinner ... Angel numbers come at me... I've never been any good with numbers, maybe that's why they play such a huge part in my life now.... If you'd like to know more about Angel Numbers refer to the tab on my site... You'll find all you need to know under Bits 'n' Pieces. Thank you for reading my blog.