7. Oct, 2016

Blog! Blog! Blog!

I was once told by my Mother In Law to be, "Why don't you start a blog, you'd be good at that!" Hmmm... Got me thinkin' ... I have so much to say lol... But really! I do! 

Everyday I wake up with a brand new day with exciting new things and thoughts racing through my mind... I write poetry, which you can read on my poetry page but sometimes that's just not enough! I feel I was born from a dictionary... Being a true Gemini doesn't help either 🙂 

sure I do have a fb page and in actual fact I have quite a few fb pages and groups as well... But! I spend way too much time on Social Media... 😥

I wished there was somewhere I could just jot down my ramblings and if it's read by others, all good, if not, at least it's out of my mind and I'm able to move onto other things... 

A lot of my blogs are about just that! And then even my posts become blogs... I just cannot help myself... I aspire to be a great writer someday... Actually I aspire to be many things but I only really get as far as the beginning and then it wanes! 

My mind races, all the time, flitting from here, there, actually everywhere at times... The main reason I began to meditate in the first place... To find somewhere words couldn't reach me... 

Now I've got the perfect place... My very own website, one which I intend on using for everything in my life... Including my Unique Gifts and Talents and everything in between 🙂🙂🙂

I know I have so much to offer this world and I know I as born for a particular reason... I guess I've found that now and here comes all the obstacles to get to where I'm meant to be! I knew that would happen... It's the Universal Law ... wish for it! You get everything you want and everything you don't want with it! Be sure to be careful what you wish for! Challenges are soon to follow once it's delivered! 

I'm up for that challenge now... It's time to let the real me do the 'talkin'... 

Read my blogs at your own demise! They may just get you thinking... I'm not sorry, in fact, I'm happy to be of assistance! Always! 

Enjoy peoplez! Blog off!!! 🙂