7. Oct, 2016

My little room

Hmmm... Since I had to get up rather early I decided to poke around in my little room a bit... After all the treasures that lay before me, which I have stashed, had subsided in my mind and I was just about to close the door I saw something! I recognised it straight away and after climbing over a few stray obstacles I finally reached it... Stashed in the corner of a box, under another box, which had boxes on it I found a bag! This bag wasn't just any old bag, in fact it was a very special bag... (To me!) In this bag was all the things I acquired and kept close throughout my Breast Cancer journey... All the little Things that truly meant the most to me... To others this would seem like 'stuff'... But to me they were the things that kept me going, throughout the whole journey, I kept these as a reminder of home, to remind me to keep the faith, a reminder of how much I am loved and every one of them were significant to get me through... I could just say now, it's 'stuff'... But every piece was held in my hands, at some stage or another and prayed to, wished on, gazed upon and admired... A few were items I had handmade to remind myself of my unique gifts and talents... That I wasn't worthless! That I truly was a capable human being who wasn't washed up or finished yet... A couple of things were souvenirs from travelling with my most wonderful man, others were just pieces I felt comforted me... And some were gifts, given to me from my beautiful friends and family, some over the years and some just for my journey... (You may recognise something as once being yours, or something you gave me to keep me strong... I thank you and all the Universe for bringing me through one of the most harrowing times of my life... Once an adversity, now just a bunch of memories cooped up in my brain and body... Scars? Definitely... 1 breast bigger than the other, actually, in all honesty, 1 perkier than the other and another which defies gravity... 😜... The scars that you can't see are the ones that hurt the most though... A feeling I just couldn't let go off... Would I be missed?? Wow! What a journey 😊 Now! I'll tell you! This collection was something I thought I'd never see again! But I know, from good authority, I'll NEVER be needing it, not now, not ever! Got me wondering what else is in that room???