1. Mar, 2017

An ode to all my children.

An ode to all my children <3
You may think I'm being ignorant
Ignoring every word you say
You may think I don't want to know
Wishing everything would go away

You may think I don't see anything
I can't see past the end of my nose
You may think I'm turning a blind eye
Just not wanting to know

What you don't see is how I feel
When I'm watching you all fall apart
You don't see the tears I cry
When I'm in pain with a broken heart

You only see what you want to see
Me, being a selfish person
You don't stop to think for a moment
That maybe I'm just hurtin'

I can't do anything for anyone now
You're all grown ups, I'm not in charge of what you do
I can only sit on the sidelines of your life
And watch as you all become you

I'm an observer
A watcher
I see everything happen
I don't ignore anything now

I'm a silent witness to all your commotion
At most times I take a bow
If it wasn't for me and all I taught you
For everything I put you all through

You wouldn't be the people you're now growing into
You wouldn't be the adults you're now becoming
You wouldn't know how to live your lives
Without me leading you <3

Written 5/9/2015