1. Mar, 2017

I can't sleep!

I can't sleep!

Sleep evades me
Thoughts invade my mind
Am I being too friendly
Too happy
Too kind

Am I trying to be something
Or someone I'm not
Is it really that hard
To accept
This is my lot

Have I not seen enough
To know what is true
Have I not begun something
Where the old
Becomes new

Will I ever know what it's like to be
Am I ever going to get the chance
To just be
Just be Me

Will I always second guess
Who I'm meant to be
Will I ever get the chance
To be totally

Should I just go back
To where I once was
Should I give up my dream of
No longer feeling lost

Of feeling at last
Like I truly belong
To just this one life
Would that really be
So wrong

Sleep evades me
My mind just won't stop
I want to forget now
Please let me get off

Written 7/10/16