6. Dec, 2016

My journey begins

Today's another day that's come n gone
And another one arrives tomorrow
It's depending on what I do with my time
If I decide to steal or borrow

Another day has gone to dusk
And the night has begun to set in
24 hrs has passed me by
With no trouble or toil within

There's a peaceful calm within me now
For what's to be happening soon
And still I choose to not stay in bed
Till morning reaches noon

There's so much more that I must do
To complete my tasks I've been given
So much more I have to do
To enjoy this life I'm livin'

The tears have stopped
And have been replaced with a smile
A smile I proudly wear
For what's to come
I know will be, at times, very hard to bear

What hasn't killed me up till now
Has kept me strong as an ox
But now my health has let me down
But I won't be goin in no damn box ;)

This part of my journey is going to be
Probably the hardest of them all
But in the end
Boobless or not
I will still be standing tall <3

Goodnight fb, today's near over
It's time to do a quick scan of my wall
To check my newsfeed
Then my pages
And it's off to the place I love most of all

In our bed
Next to my man! <3

Written 5/12/14

Rebecca Henley