13. Nov, 2016

I wish

I once wished upon a falling star
Please give me everything I've craved so far
Please give me strength to carry on
Surely these wishes couldn't be wrong

I wished for someone to hold me tight
To love and adore me
To make love to me at night
I wished for everything I wanted in life
I wished to be made someone's wife

I made another wish soon after
I wished for all my wishes to come true
I wished for a man to come into my life
To give me everything but trouble and strife
I wished for someone like you

My wishes were granted
Or so it seems
I now have everything I wanted and more
I have almost all the above
And for that I am grateful

Now I have nothing else to wish for...

Oh wait! Yes I do!
I almost forgot

I wish for you all to have everything I've got ") <3

Written 13/11/2015

Rebecca Henley