21. Oct, 2016

This is me!

After much consideration, memories and vivid dreams , I've decided who I am ") with a little help from a few! And I've written it in verse!

This is me!

I was born into a family with religion in my ear
With a mother who was misunderstood and a father who I loved dear
I often did the rebellious thing
Just so I wouldn't have to go home
I was bullied every day of my life
From kids I have now outgrown
I often sat as a child and wondered 'why am I here?'
The voices I heard often replied
'You're a chosen one my dear'
Those voices almost drove me insane to the point of no return
So I turned to drugs and alcohol and got my fingers burnt
I found that sex was so much fun I decided it was a toy
And every single time I got the chance I'd use it as a ploy
I often made the worst mistakes just thinking I was different
I'd go out at night and drink non stop till my whole mind was incoherent
I walked the streets late at night
harassing everyone in sight
I'd kick n scream and yell aloud
When my freedom was taken away
And I'd make their lives a living hell
Till they'd threaten me with my life in a cell
Only then I changed my ways
And now
I am a mother of 6
One of which I sadly lost
But I bought up 5
The only way I knew how
For many years
At such a cost
I'm considered as an odd character by my youngest boy
N I'm endeared by my youngest girl who's often overjoyed
To have me as her mother
To my second eldest daughter I'm apart through distance only
To my eldest son I often talk balony ;)
I'm estranged from my eldest daughter not just by distance we're kept apart
But also by the memories she and I hold within our hearts
I see my father in me
Of this I can't deny
When I think of the person he became
I have to sit n cry
I know I sound ridiculous
At many times I am
I know there's many out there
Who hate me cause they can
I know I asked for this journey
Before I came upon this earth
I originally came from Adelaide
I now reside in Perth
I live with love and joy in my heart
For the person I've become
I gave up all my addictions
I sometimes feel quite numb
It took many years to understand
And I never ask too much
I love with all my heart these days
And I'm gentle with my touch
I cannot harm a living thing
I love all that I meet
I know my karma comes and goes
Sometimes it sweeps me off my feet
Now I see my life as it unwinds as a battle that I've won
Now I see my children in a different light my 3 daughters
My 3 sons
It took me many years till now
To realize who I am
And I swear with every ounce of my soul
I'm doing the very best I can <3

Written 21/10/14

Rebecca Henley