19. Oct, 2016

A little piece of me!

All my life I've written poetry. I feel it is the only way, sometimes, to get 'everything' off my chest.  At times I've written how I feel. Other times it's about my experiences. I feel once the words are out of my mind and either on paper or written by a keyboard, I can think a lot clearer and this in turn allows me to 'get on with life'. One day I aspire to have my own book of poetry, it's already being written, yet to be published. I have the title, I've bought the cover and now, I just need to live my life and keep writing... Please enjoy what I've added here, they're only a few of what I've written and I'm sure there'll be many more before I die. Thank you 

This is the cover of my book... 

Created and Designed, perfectly, for me by Katie W Stewart 

Artist/Writer, Freelance Illustrator/Designer at Magic Owl Design 

Thank you Katie you've certainly captured me in the perfect image of who I am...

This cover depicts a woman, once hiding from the world, emerging from the unsightly larvae she was born inside of and spreading her wings, like the beautiful butterfly, she is!

This woman is me!!