7. Oct, 2016


It's 1.00 in the morning n I can't sleep!
I wonder about the future if I could just get a peep
To see myself get older as the years pass on by
I know it's useless so why even try
I would just like to know will I be here still?
And what will I be like if I get my fill
Will my life become better or will it still stay the same?
Am I playing my very own part in this mind boggling game
Will I feel any different if I'm wrinkled and old?
Will I still have my memories of stories I've been told?
If I'm here in years to come as they pass me on by
Will I be able to laugh at the tears that I've cried?
Maybe I'll walk with the help a walking stick
Or maybe I'll be kept in bed feeling horribly sick
It's 2am n I can't sleep
Could I just get a glance, the tiniest peep?
Or is it the way that this game is played?
We don't know what's ahead where our stones have been laid
I guess at 3am in the morning
When I can't sleep
It's then I'm given many insights
Many secrets to keep
But none of them allows me my future to see
That's because it's already, a long time ago, been written for me!

Written 16/10/2014

Written by Rebecca Henley