24. Sep, 2016

I was there too!

When you try to live your life again
After all the king's guards and all the king's men
Have tried to destroy your whole heart and soul
It isn't that easy once the past takes it's toll

When the people you love and adored way back when
But you were too young and stupid to know what you know now, back then
Still constantly hold you to blame for their lives
When you made your biggest mistakes
And you weren't considered wise

When the way you hurt others was a mirror image of the way you were being hurt
And you forever found yourself being dragged through the dirt
It's not easy to allow them back into your heart
When you've found it almost impossible to make a new start

Why is it now that the past catches up
When you realize the mistakes you made were your biggest fuck ups
And no matter how much you're sorry for what transpired back then
Some will never forgive you
No matter what you say to them

They seem to forget that you travelled along
Right beside them as your rights were wronged
As your face was marred and smeared with blood
They seem to forget that you weren't loved
When trying to learn what life was all about
They seem to forget that you were filled with doubt
Afraid for your life that seemed to mean nil

You tried to end it so many times
If not for the little lives you held in your hands
You would have succeeded
Again and again

But... Now... Many, many years later
The time has come to learn to forgive
For they shall not know what effect they had
On a life so young
Nor did they realise how they took away that name they called you... Mum!

Written 18/4/2016

Rebecca Henley