17. Sep, 2016

I wonder

Sometimes I wonder where I've been all my life!
I wonder about all the trouble and strife

I wonder about my journeys till now
My loves that were lost and then I think WOW!

I'm here exactly where I wanted to be
Since I was a young lass at the age of 23

I dreamed I was living in a castle made of gold
I dreamed I was in love with a man who was bold

I dreamed I had a wonderful life
Extinct of all the trouble and strife

I dreamed I was wearing beautiful clothes
With jewelry galore
I've now got plenty of those

I dreamed I would have what I needed to be
And now I have all the above In plenty

When I consider what I have now
When I dreamed it all back then
When I remember all those years without a sense of Zen

I totally see what I have in my life now
I sit back and smile
With only one word in mind


Written 23/2/2016

Rebecca Henley