14. Sep, 2016

Ode to my feline friend

For all the times you stood by me
For all the love you gave me freely
For all the days and all the nights
I love you even more, so dearly

For all the times you made me laugh
Even when I wanted to cry
My love will be with you forever
Until the day, I finally die

I know you're there right beside me
I know, I feel your presence deep
The memories we have shared together
Will stay in my heart, and there they'll keep

I now have met a new feline friend
I'm sure you'd love her like I do
She'll never fully, completely replace you
I promise you'll always be my boo

Gemini, I miss you
I think of you daily
I have a photo to remind me of you
Although I'll always remember your kindness
I'll never, ever, ever forget you

Written in memory of my beautiful girl Gemini 💚💚💚
Written 2/9/2016

Rebecca Henley