8. Sep, 2016


Every time a tear starts falling
I'm reminded this is a part of your calling
For you to learn then in return teach
You must endure what's just out of reach

You must know what it's like to cry
To be told there's a chance you may just die
For you to know what it's all about
You my friend must be given no doubt

This journey you've taken
You're not alone
Many before you
Many to come

But every time a tear starts falling
Even knowing this is a part of my calling
I still die a little more inside
As I watch all the good things in my life

Be taken away
Far away, from me
Where I cannot touch them
I cannot retrieve

I cannot remember
I cannot recall
I cannot find the words
Sometimes, at all

I stutter, Stammer
Strive to be understood
But in the end
It's for my highest good

I wiped away each tear
As they dwelt
In the corners of my eyes
Before they fell

This isn't me
It's the me before
I must now be stronger
I've so much more to endure

And so it is
Which I cannot change
I must learn to live this life

I must learn to do things
And some things not
As this is a part of the life
I've got

I won't promise
There'll be no more tears
I won't promise
I'll never cry again

But remembering
Back across the years
Of the pain and suffering
Way back then

This is different
Another kind of abuse
But this time
Not caused by the back of a hand <3

Written 9/4/2015

Whilst enduring my Breast Cancer journey

Rebecca Henley