7. Sep, 2016

I'm still here!

There's times I want to sit n cry
N then I remember
I could have died!
I didn't

There's times I want to dig a hole
Climb right down into it
Like a little mole
But I don't!

There's times I've wanted to give up
Give in
Allow my life to be tossed in the bin
But I haven't

I've been through times like this
When to the outside world
I 'walked into a door'

Or times when life just became to hard
I've wanted to smash a mirror , Pick up a shard
End my life without saying goodbye
Looking in the mirror at the bruise on my eye

But I'm still here

If all those times
I made it through
When it would have been so easy
To end it all

This time round
I'll make it too!
Cause in the end
I'll be standing tall

Nothing says I have to go
Nothing says I've done my best
If this is a sign to just lie low
Then that's what I'll do

My biggest conquest

Written 12/5/2015

Rebecca Henley