31. Aug, 2016

Thank you babe!

You occupy a piece of my heart
You gave to me a brand new start
For that I just want to say
Thank you Babe

You made me feel like a woman again
Even after all the scrupulous men
After all the anger, pain and hurt
And being dragged often, through the dirt

With mud and blood upon my face
You gave me back a solid place
To lay my foundations, To make a home
Thank you babe, For the seeds we've sown

My future now lies with you
With all that we are when we're together
All we give to each other
And all we have when we're apart

I thank you babe for making me safe
Making me see what I couldn't see
Giving me back, that which I once lost
Loving me with all your heart

I give to you, all I have, Which is so little
Compared to some
I give to you my blood, sweat and tears
I give to you, my years to come

I love you now, even more than when we met
I'll love you forever and a day
Because you've given me a reason to smile
Because you've given me you... My Dave <3

Written 9/9/2015

Rebecca Henley