30. Aug, 2016



19 yrs ago today
I said hello to you
and goodbye
when you were taken away

I knew in my heart
It was the best thing to do
It killed me inside
To say my goodbyes to you

But I held you close
to my heart that day
And I waved goodbye
as you were taken away

I do know now
You weren't meant to stay
Although I shed many tears
Every year
On your birthday

I keep them inside
They're much more happier there
I just wanted you to know
I truly do care

My beautiful boy
You live within my heart
Every day you're in my thoughts
We'll never be apart

You were here for a moment
Not even a day
But you entered my heart
And that's where you'll stay

I won't say RIP my sweetest 'Charlie Boy' as I know you are always here with me bringing me happiness and joy! <3 <3 <3

Ode to...

Brett's Charles Rogers
25-3-1996 / 25-3-1996

Written 25/3/2015

Rebecca Henley