27. Aug, 2016

Written for a friend

A marriage is a journey
In which two souls embark upon
Against the odds of all that is
They still keep holding on

These two beautiful souls
Are no exception to the rule
With all their trials and tribulations
They've strived to follow the rules

Being in love is something special
These two are proof of that
The odds they've beaten
The years they've shared
They know there's no going back

I want to wish my son and his bride
The very best of everything
With all those years behind them now
At last they wear each other's ring
A circle placed upon the finger
Of a man and a woman's left hand
Is a symbol of each other's love
With a promise together they'll stand

You've taken your hearts and combined them as one
Now you'll be living as husband and wife
The union of these two beautiful souls
Will now happily live out their life

No matter what arises
No matter what occurs
These two beautiful souls will unite
To make their lives
Enriched and secure
Together they will survive

Written 19/5/2015

Rebecca Henley