26. Aug, 2016

I Can't Sleep!

Another night when sleep evades me
I'd love to close my eyes
But my mind just has this overwhelming power
It persuades me
Just take notice of me one more time
I tell my mind, body n soul
It's time to settle down
It's time to rest my weary head
To find a quiet place to surround
My thoughts wander aimlessly through my mind
Many I have no desire to think
I guess my brain is on night patrol
It constantly keeps me on the brink
Of tirelessness, alertness, now I'm exhausted
But still I cannot blink

If I do I might miss a single thought
Now wouldn't that be a shame
I might actually get some sleep
It's really not that hard to attain
Please thought producer
Give me a break
I'm tired n ready for a snooze
But that would mean my brain gives in
And it doesn't like to lose ;)

Written 19/5/2015

Rebecca Henley