25. Aug, 2016


When you've been where I've been
Seen the things that I've seen
Heard the words I've been told
You'd then consider why I'm so bold

If you walked where I'd trodden
In the steps I have taken
With the shame and the grace
And the dirt on my face

You would have an understanding
Of why I am this woman
Who is kind, just and forgiving
To those who have mistreated me

And why I do not judge you or the person standing next to you
For we are all the same
Here playing the same game

Being taunted, teased and misunderstood
By those we thought of as brother or sisterhood
Being lied to, deceived and victimized
By those we love

We cannot hide

The tears that lie upon my cheeks
Once were rivers
Now are creeks

My life has changed
And so have I
No need to weep
No need to sigh

My steps I take now
Are leading me home
No need to wander
No need to roam

No more anger
No more distrust
I'm now the new me!

Acceptance is a must!

Written 18/3/2016

Rebecca Henley