23. Aug, 2016


Please take me as I am!
Cause I'm not that far behind!
If you could see who I used to be...
If you could peer into my mind

I'd show you things I want to forget
I'd give you things you'd later regret
I'd reveal to you my biggest sins
One of the reasons
I won't let you in

Take me as I am
I'm really not that far away
Give me reasons to not want to run
Give me reasons to stay

Allow me just one second of your time
To let me explain who I am
Don't just judge me and then turn away
Leaving me filled with shame

Give me just a moment
One second from your day
To tell you why I am who I am
To give you a reason to stay

Please! Take me as I am
I'm not that far behind
Hold my hand and come with me
On an adventure through my mind.

Written 19/4/2016

Rebecca Henley