22. Aug, 2016

All I've ever wanted!

I've never asked for anything!
I just be happy with what I've got!
I've never wanted too
I just wanted what I felt was my 'lot'

I didn't ask for you to love me
I just asked for you to never let go
I never wanted what wasn't mine
I just wanted someone to call my own

I never pleaded with you not to leave
I just asked you to want to
I only asked for a little of your time
Just a few minutes out of each of your days

I'll never hold onto you too tightly
I just want you to never want to let go
To maybe spend some of your time with me
To ask me why I feel so low

To be interested in what I do
And how I feel about things

I didn't ask you to love me
I just wanted to make your heart sing
To make up for all your losses
For one day to wear your ring

You didn't make me fall in love with you
I did that all on my own
I gave you what was left of my heart
To nurture it and help it to grow
To heal the scars that were placed there before
From those I now consider foe

No! We didn't ask each other to love each other
It just happened and I'm glad it did

This is the real love I've always wanted
Ever since I was just a kid 💞

Written 10/05/2016

Rebecca Henley