21. Aug, 2016

It's not easy being me

I pretend that nothing affects my heart
But if the truth be known
It's falling apart

It's been put back together too many times
By lies and deception
From many men

From my very own children
Who say they love me
From those I'll never trust again

I try every day
To let it all go
But my heart won't let me
It cannot be so

I've learnt to forgive
I cannot ever forget
The pain was too intense

Inflicted upon me
By those I love
Cruelly handled
Treated so rough

Being me isn't easy, you see
When every day I still pretend
That nothing that happened
Could ever be changed

When will it all come to an end

How will I ever learn to let it all go
When I have the reminder daily

It just cannot be so :(

Written 10/12/2015

Rebecca Henley