20. Aug, 2016

I see you

For many years
You've been by my side
And now I've lost count
Of the tears I've cried

I watch you as you
Stare up at me
Begging me to make you stay
Right here with me

But my beautiful friend
We're at the end of our ride
I'll hold you close
In my heart you'll reside

You'll take pride of place
With many other souls
But Gemini
You'll never grow old

You've been my faithful companion
My beautiful friend
But all good things
Must come to an end

I'll never forget you
Just you believe
You'll be forever walking
Right beside me

Our memories not forgotten
Nor shelved on a shelf
You'll be in my every waking moment
You'll be remembered
As yourself

My love for you
Will never go away
No my sweet Gemini
In my heart you'll stay

I'll continue on
For many more years
You'll lie In waiting
With my baby boy

Then when it's my turn
We'll meet again
And together, forever
Many times we'll enjoy

A love so unconditional
No boundaries, restraints
I'll still see you
In my waking of each day

You're sweet loving eyes
Will follow me through
You'll always be remembered
I still see you

Thank you for all the love you gave
To me and all you knew
Now you've crossed the rainbow bridge
As I boldly told you to do

I'll be here waiting till then
forever loving you

Written in memory of the most unconditional love I've ever known <3

<3 Gemini <3 Passed over peacefully on 9/6/2015

Rebecca Henley