20. Aug, 2016

This is the place

It's taken me a very long time to get to here!
My path has been arduous with many a fear.
I've now come to an acceptance of all that will be.
It's not easy in a world where many just don't see.
The beauty that surrounds them
The love they can give
Is taken, not given like water through a sieve
It pains me to listen to a world without kindness
To watch as so many make mistakes that are timeless
I know in my heart it's their journey they're travellin'
Although at times, seems their lives are unravellin'
I cannot help much more than to listen
Give an understanding to those who feel their missin'
Out on the best times
The great times of their lives
If only I could lead them into the light

Alas! I'm restricted to just being here
In this place it took me so long to arrive
This place that I've now found, this place I now live
Is the only place I can affordably give
No mention of money
No mention of cost
This place I've now found
Where so many are still lost
This place of forgiveness
This place of peace
This is the place that my soul's been released to
This place of deep thought
This place of let go
I've now found this place
With no enemies or foe

Written 4/11/2014

Rebecca Henley