19. Aug, 2016

The truth!

When I was just a wee little girl
I was told many truths and lies
I was told I'd have to get used to this world
Life will have it's lows and highs
I'll go through life as we all do
Learning what's right from wrong
I will have to determine for myself one day
And I always asked myself
How long?
Well now I'm big n all growned up
I've certainly figured out why
I was told these things when I was a child
Even though they made me cry
This world is cruel and ruthless much
There's plenty of which to be afraid
But now I know
From way back when
My attention wasn't paid
Because I ignored all that was said
I learnt the hardest way
If I'd listened back then
When it mattered most
I'd be much wiser today
That when you're told
To get use to this world
It's a truth that cannot lie
I got used to this world and all it brings
It's a truth I now cannot deny <3

Written 19/10/2014

Rebecca Henley