16. Aug, 2016

Thank you!

Thank you for joining with me on this journey, 
I am pleased to have you all by my side, 
I won't promise it will be an easy one to follow, 
But I will promise it'll be a hell of a ride... 
You've seen me at my best 
Now you'll see me at my worst 
An image I'll be privileged to share 
Having you here makes this journey a little kinder 
A little more easier to bear 
In the beginning I know it'll be cruel and degrading 
Throughout it'll become harder to see
But in the end (to me) it'll be like water cascading 
Down the side of a beautiful ravine 
Flowing freely towards the river below 
And running out into every stream 
Being spread amongst the leas and meadows 
Giving life to the flowers and trees 
This journey will take us through many a trial 
Many tribulations will appear along the way
I know I was chosen to embark on this journey 
To teach others who choose to stay 
I'll be that river 
That runs into every stream 
You'll be the flowers and trees 
I'll give you light when darkness takes over 
Thank you for joining with me <3
I wrote this whilst on my breast Cancer journey... 2014/ 2015 to now... almost 1 year post breast cancer