My Dance tracks


Please enjoy 12 tracks made by me for you 😊

Guided Meditations and Relaxation Music for your listening pleasure...

Meditation music  

Guided Meditation 
Abundance and Love Guided meditation 
Sleep Meditations
I Am   Relaxation 
Meditation enhances lives for the better 
Quick (6min) Daily Meditation
All 7 Chakras Healing Meditation music 
Gratitude Meditation 
Remove negative blocks. 
Deep Sleep relaxation 
Guided Sleep meditation talk down... insomnia & relaxation 
Morning uplift... You are amazing 
Guided Meditation... Weight loss 
Guided Meditation... The sanctuary 
8 hour deep sleep healing music
Remove negative blocks (guided meditation) 
LOA positive affirmations for success and abundance 
Imagine, manifesting your dreams
Attract your soulmate (guided meditation) 
 How to create your own luck 
Consider it done, overthinking negativity 
Deep healing music for the body and soul 
17 of the best affirmations to start your day 
8 minutes to start your day positively 
Re-educate your soul - I Am 
Guided Meditation Blissful deep relaxation 
Guided Meditation Blissful inner peace 
Guided meditation for anxiety and stress
Beginning Meditation 
Calming our minds relaxing music and affirmations for a peaceful life 
1 hour Zen music for Inner Balance, Stress Relief and relaxation 
The future has not yet been written 
Beautiful Music 

 Vibration Domination (guided meditation) 

Deep Sleep Music 

Singing Bowls 1

Singing Bowls 2

Tibetan Flute & Om chanting

Zen life relax
Tibetan bowls heart energy