1. Jun, 2020

Mini Readings for June 2020

June 2020

1/6 Our lives should never be based on the happiness of those who don't know how to just be! 

2/6 Be a champion Of your own life! Get up even when you feel that you can't! 

3/6 Sometimes we have to admit defeat in order to realise our strengths. 

4/6 Life isn't always smooth sailing! It's when you're on your toughest paths that you know you're headed in the right direction. 

5/6 Life is what you decide it will be! Decide to make it good! 

6/6 Many times we wonder why? Ask yourself why not! You'll get much better, wiser answers! 

7/6 Do you ever feel that you aren't where you want to be? Just remember, you once wanted to be where you are now! 

8/6 Take your time and think before you act! Some things you'll never, ever be able to take back! 

9/6 Life is given to us in a puzzle, it's up to us to find where to put the pieces to make them fit. 

10/6 If you intend on being the best you, you can be, don't settle for less than what you feel you deserve. 

11/6 We can all do with a helping hand! Take what is offered! When it's there, make it good! 

12/6 Together we can work it out! Help each other to rise to success. 

13/6 When life deals you lemons, squash the hell out of them and make yourself a sweet drink of lemonade... 

14/6 Once you begin to fail, you continue to fail... Just Put one foot in front of the other and keep on keeping On... 

15/6 Sometimes we just have to end it and move On.... Be it any circumstances... Ending something is allowing a new beginning to take its place. 

16/6 Today, ask yourself, what is it that makes me happy? Then, go out and do it! 

17/6 Every day is a smorgasbord of emotions... Be a glutton on happiness, the rest just be a grazer... 

18/6 For those who truly see themselves as failures, think back to where you were this time last year... See! Told ya! 

19/6 Where you want to be in the next ten years is decided on where you see yourself in the here and now! 

20/6 Life isn't a party... but take all you are given and treat it as a gift. 

21/6 We aren't who people think we are! We are who we know we are! 

22/6 Once in a lifetime you'll find the real thing! Once you find it, treat it with all the love you can muster... keep it where it needs to be... inside your heart... 

23/6 What does anyone else know! You're the master of your own destiny...

24/6 Build dreams and visions in your mind... never let them go! 

25/6 Someone, somewhere is waiting for you! Let them find you! 

26/6 Seek & you shall find! If you want something or someone in your life, go out and find it/them! 

27/6 Don't let Feelings & emotions rule you! Take control of your own life and live the way you want! 

28/6 The dirt you brush from your face can only be cleaned by you! Dragging yourself through the mud will not prove anything in the long run... 

29/6 Happiness isn't something we find! It's something we welcome into our lives... 

30/6 Times are changing! We're living longer & dying wiser! Don't let life dumb you down!