1. May, 2020

Mini readings for May 2020

May 2020

1/5 Today is a new day and the beginning of a new month... make today a day that's turns into a good memory... 

2/5 There's many defiinitions of done! Complete! Finished! Adios! I'm outta here! Be sure before you say something is done... That it's done and not just incomplete! 

3/5 Today is just one of those days that you can make it whatever you want it to be... just focus on what it is you would like to achieve today... you may be surprised at the end of this 24 hrs... and oh what a wonderful 24 hrs it could be... 

4/5 Sometimes it's better to say nothing and watch as it all unfolds... Today is one of those days... 

5/5 When you think you can't go on any longer, it is then you find your second wind! 

6/5 When it's time to let go and move on, you'll know... until then fake it till you make it... 

7/5 Give, without expectation of receipt... the feeling is out of this world... enjoy giving whilst you're able to... 

8/5 Today it may seem like things are moving slower than usual... as long as you're still moving onwards & upwards... it doesn't matter how slow you move... just keep moving! 

9/5 Let bygones be bygones... letting go and forgiveness are 2 very harsh lessons to learn, but in time, they will be Blessings! 

10/5 Believe in yourself & just know that you ARE capable of ANYTHING you put your heart & soul into! YOU ARE AMAZING! 

 11/5 Come on! You know you can so just do it! No more hankering... you can! So do! 

12/5 There's many times in life that you'll consider yourself grateful for all you have and own... this is just one of those days! Be grateful for everything! 

13/5 Now is the time to get it right! If you don't, at first, succeed! Keep on trying! Success is found when you refuse to quit... 

14/5 Today you should just go for it! 

15/5 Today is a new day! Do what you need to do to make it a good one! Allow yourself a little me time along the Way! 

16/5 Today, don't take things for granted! Believe there's magic in everything you see & do! Be grateful for everything! 

17/5 Luck doesn't come from rubbing a lucky coin! Luck comes from believing that you deserve the best in life! Always believe that you do! You lucky thing, you! 

18/5 Take nothing for granted! Watch what others are doing but don't allow it to affect your own decisions. Everyone is following a different path! 

19/5 Today is a day when all your dreams could come true... all you have to do is believe... believe anything is possible and it will be... 

20/5 Life isn't what you want it to be unless it's what you see it as being 😊 Believe in what your third eye is showing you! 

21/5 How amazing would your life be if you could make it how you perceive it to be! 

22/5 Sometimes you just have to follow your dreams!!! 

23/5 Always believe there is a better way! Because there always is! 

24/5 Love the one you're with, even if it seems harder to do! Love wasn't meant to be simple! 

25/5 Being Materialistic & Ungrateful comes hand in hand... nothing can compare to experience! Ditch the 'stuff' and get out there! 

26/5 Life is only what you make it! It's up to you to make it good! 

27/5 We all deserve the best! Do not settle for less!

28/5 Life deals us some odd cards at times... we must accept our hand at all times... 

29/5 When one day rolls into the next it's called 'being on holidays' .

30/5 What you want & what you get is two different things! Try not to get the two mixed up! 

31/5 If all you ever wanted was given to you, then there'll be nothing to look forward to...