1. Apr, 2020

Mini readings for April 2020

April 2020

1/4 Where are you now? 

2/4 Gratitude will never grow old! 

3/4 The truth is being hidden from our eyes. Believe what you do not see! 

4/4 You'll never know if you don't try! 

5/4 Not everything is as it seems 

6/4 Listen to what's being whispered in your heart. 

7/4 Look for the signs... they’re all around you 

8/4 When will you learn? 

9/4 Give it a Go! 

10/4 Give a little! Receive what you deserve. 

11/4 Don't expect from others what you're not willing to give. 

12/4 Go for gold! 

13/4 When the world awakens it will be a beautiful place to live. 

14/4 Never forget what life has taught you.  

15/4 You can do it!  

16/4 Never listen to a fool. 

17/4 Find a better way of doing that thing you wanted to do.

18/4 Just be sure it's what you need! 

19/4 There is no reality ... you are in the matrix! 

20/4 Can you feel it? It’s nearly here! Shift your mindset and welcome the change … 

21/4 Take what's yours and leave the rest! 


23/4 It's only just begun!

24/4 Give of yourself! 

25/4 Do what you feel to be right! 

26/4 Hug yourself! You deserve it! 

27/4 Never become attached to the material things in life.

28/4 Believe in who you are! 

29/4 Act with a plan! 

30/4 Keep your eyes open! They're not done yet!