1. Feb, 2020

Mini readings for Feb 2020

February 2020.

1. Look to the future, that is all that matters now. 

2. Forgive yourself for all you have done.  

3. Find 3 things in your life that you can be proud of. 

4. Let the past Go. It’s time to move on. 

5. Sometimes we need to look beyond tomorrow, but still live for today. 

6. Allow yourself to make mistakes, that’s how we learn. 

7. Love yourself first. 

8. Live a little and laugh a lot and don’t change your smile for anyone.

9. Try once. Try twice. The third time if it doesn’t work, just know it’s not for you.  

10. We only get old if we forget to dance! 

11. Make it about you and only about you! You matter! 

12. Sometimes the most difficult way is the right way. 

13. When you feel like you cannot go on anymore... start climbing!

14. Forgive yourself of all wrongdoings. 

15. Become the best you, you can be! 

16. Money is the only thing that can bring you happiness! Decide for yourself whether that‘s    true for you. 

17. Take from the wise what will benefit you. 

18. Learn from your own mistakes. 

19. Live a life of good memories. 

20. When you come to a place of peace within your own mind. You will find it elsewhere in the world.

21. Be patient. Wait! Your time will come. 

22. All is on it’s way! 

23. Now is the time to make amends. Say sorry. 

24. Design a life that you don’t need a holiday from. 

25. Walk in peace today. 

26. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Without them we cannot learn. 

27. Let others do as they need to. It’s not always up to you to save them. 

28. Just because you think you’re lost! Doesn’t mean you are. 

29. Be quiet. Listen. You’re being given whispers from the universe. Take heed.