1. Dec, 2019

Mini readings for Dec 2019


1/12 Now is the right time to begin winding up your goals and aspirations for 2019... It'll soon be a thing of the past! It's not too late! Give it a go! 

2/12 NEVER, EVER give up! Give your dreams and goals the wings to fly! Watch as your future expands and plan to participate in your own dreams... 

3/12 Nothing is ever what it truly seems to be! Look past the point of disbelief. As a result obstacles that were there before appear to be dissipating, right before your eyes! 

4/12 Follow your dreams wherever they may take you and be aware the path of least resistance is the wrong way to go! Turn back! 

5/12  Believe that anything is possible, if you dream you can do it, then you can do it. Except flying! No one can fly! 

6/12 Today is a day you'll never see again! Make the most of today! Tomorrow is just around the corner. 

7/12 Today there will be a knock on the door! Someone from your past will revisit your present... Be sure to keep the kettle hot! You have a lot to catch up on! 

8/12 Keep the faith! Do not allow your personal fears to interrupt your future dreams. The here and now is vital to the rest of your years. Treat it with respect and not contempt. 

9/12 Don't try to turn back time. The past is gone! Let it go! There's no doors back there worth reopening. Look ahead. 

10/12 Today, allow yourself some time to think! See how far you've come in just 1 year. A lot can happen in just one year. 

11/12 Today is a good day to get things done! Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today! 

12/12 When your path seems to be thwart with disappointments, allow yourself to have some space! Everything is as it should be!

13/12 Don't take anything for granted! Only when you realize how far you've come, will you be able to see the forrest through the trees!  

14/12 Begin by taking baby steps, one at a time. Before you know it, you'll have built an entire staircase. 

15/12 Rise to the occasion but Give yourself the break you're so much needing. 

16/12 Sometimes we need to just let go and breathe! Take in the life force which surrounds you! Observe the beauty of life itself! 

17/12 Today, take some time out for you! Lift yourself Up! Do something you wouldn't normally do and celebrate your life. It's too short to stay down! 

 18/12 The time has come now to be honest! Being honest and speaking the truth will give you the best start to your new year! Honestly & Truth. The only 2 things that will save you! 

19/12 We are almost at the end of another year on our personal journeys. If you are not where you wanted to be! It's not too late to change it! 

20/12 Come and fly with me! To the highest heights! Spread your wings my little butterflies! 💕

21/12 Many situations will begin to come to an end now! Be that relationships! Friendships! Employment or Journeys. Windows and doors are opening wide, don't be scared, step through them into the next phase of your life! 

22/12 Today is a day full of surprises. Expect the unexpected! 

23/12 At times you will doubt yourself and what exactly you are capable of. All roads lead to failure when doubt is at the wheel. 

24/12 It's time to forgive and forget. If not for others, do it for yourself! Holding only anger and frustration of the past isn't going to get you anywhere. 

25/12 Celebrate the day with your friends & family. And remember the reason for the season! 

26/12 Time is fast approaching to wrap up the year 2019. Be sure to know what it is you aspire to do and get done before the year concludes. 

27/12 Travel, spend time with loved ones and friends, sooner than expected you will be required to return to the grind stone. Be sure to lap up the time you've been given to rest & relax before you have to begin again. 

28/12 If at first you don't succeed! Try, try , again! If you feel it's not the right thing! Let go! Allow something better to come along and take its place. 

29/12 Do something today that you never would consider doing. Out of the ordinary, unthought of... Be spontaneous! 

30/12 A lot of 'dying' is happening around us! It's time to put into practice, Out with the old and in with the new! 

31/12 Today we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020 through our open doors. The time has come for new beginnings. Welcome our new cycle with open arms. Expect the unexpected! You never know what's waiting just around the corner! Stay safe and happy! Don't drink n drive! Be kind! Be helpful and above all... have fun in 2020. This is the year of new things to come!

Anyone who believes they’re in the right place in their life, will blitz the year to come... enjoy beautiful souls 💞