1. May, 2019

Mini readings for May 2019

May 2019

1. Smile! 

2. Let go of those who have hurt you, just be remembered by who you are.

3. Catch a miracle,,, then believe in it... 

4. Ask yourself... what would make me truly happy... do that!

5. Choose the path that’s been less travelled.

6. Open your mind…

7. Look in the mirror and say “I love you!”

8. Accept all as it is! 

9. Take control of your life by being reponsive to your world. 

10. What you focus on expands. 

11. Believe!

12. Take what you have been taught and go teach. 

13. You are the only one who can teach yourself to live.

14. Be kind to you! 

15. Find something you can sink your teeth into. 

16. Enjoy life’s blessings. 

17. Life is so unpredictable. 

18. Spread your wings and fly. 

19. Those that have left have served their purpose, let them go. 

20. Welcome all that is good into your life. 

21. Drink plenty of water today. 

22. Take baby steps towards your greatest goal. 

23. Love with all your heart. 

24. Look at where you’ve been, see how far you’ve come. 

25. Memories of old times are relived with music. 

26. Everything is connected!

27. Write the words to your own song. 

28. Live and let live. 

29. You ARE always enough! 

30. Everything happens for our greatest good. 

31. Your life is a blank canvas, draw it!