1. Feb, 2019

Mini readings for February 2019

February 2019

1. We’ve begun a new phase. It’s time to move.

2. Today! Take a few moments and just breathe! 

3. Now it’s time to go straight up! 

4. When you let go and breathe, you’ll begin to allow the oxygen to enter your lungs. 

5. It’s time to let go of all those things you feel aren’t going anywhere. 

6. Open up to someone you can trust.

7. Let others live and you do the same. 

8. Look beyond what you see. 

9. Have a break! Take a few moments to consider what you want. 

10. The signs are all around you. Take notice In what you see. 

11. It’s time to go! 

12. Don’t allow others to make you feel like you’re less than who you are! 

13. Send a text to the one you love. They’re waiting! 

14. Life is what you make it! Make it great! 

15. Wish for the best and expect to receive it. 

16. You are the only one who knows what you want... go and get it! 

17. The time has come to make a move. 

18. There is a time in life when you know it’s time to move on. This is that time. 

19. SomethIng you have lost isn’t meant to be found. Let it go! 

20. Take yourself on a trip! You’ll never regret what you find. 

21. One day is now! 

22. Someone you know is waiting! Reach out to them. 

23. Read a book today. Page 52 has your answer. 

24. Car troubles are likely. Is it time for a new one? 

25.Be sure to consider your own feelings. You matter. 

26. Your struggles are about to lessen. 

27. Your life is falling into place now. Connect with those who can help. 

28. It’s time to prepare yourself for the best, yet to come.