1. Dec, 2018

Mini readings for December 2018

December 2018

1. Today you will find something you never even realised you had lost. When you rediscover this, it will make you smile. 

2. Let go of whatever you hold as a limiting belief, you are all you ever could be! 

3. Today is going to be a wonderful day. Make it the best day ever! 

4. Now is the time to pursue those dreams you have held close to your heart. 

5. Give to those who are feeling the strain of poverty. Give to those who need what you have. Be that monetary or emotional support. 

6. You can create your own fate. Your own destiny. Just believe that anything is possible! 

7. Love is being returned to you. Don’t close the doors on love. 

8. Wait your turn, it will come! It is closer then you think! 

9. Never give up! 

10 Always believe there is something awesome about to happen! 

11. There are many reasons to smile. Start a to smile list of all that is positive in your life. 

12. Write! put it down on paper... it is worth being remembered. 

13. You are totally accepted for who you are ... 

14. This year has thrown you some challenges, but you’ve faced every one as a warrior. Be proud! 

15. Now is the time to relax. Think about you and all you’ve been through. You are amazing! 

16. Give till it hurts! 

17. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! 

18. Be amazed! The best is yet to come! 

19. See yourself through the eyes of another. You are beautiful! 

20. Give attention to your dreams. They are coming to fruition. 

21. Pain and suffering is a way of telling you there is something wrong. Take note of the pain and give it meaning. 

22. Only you can give yourself what you need. Others only think they know what you need. Give yourself time. 

23. Together you will make it! Together you will stand strong! Now is the tIme to shine. 

24. Let go of all that is weighing you down. 

25. Laughter is the medicine for the soul. Take it in big doses and be happy. 

26. Better late than never. 

27. Take time to see the wonders of the world. 

28. Travel to far away places and make a plan to do it often. 

29. I am. The two most powerful words in the universe! Use them often. 

30. Now is the time to shine! Do not let anyone dull your sparkle. 

31. Give till it hurts. Today give love…