1. Nov, 2018

Mini readings for November 2018

November 2018

1. The time has come to put your best foot forward... 

2. Any project you have been contemplating on or about, make it happen! 

3. Keep a close eye on your spending. There may be some unexpected expenses coming up. 

4. The day is long and the night is longer, for those who are suffering from sleep evasion... get your health checked... 

5. Time to upgrade... I’d youre thinking about making a purchase of a new car... think no longer, now is the time to take action. 

6. Believe in yourself 

7. What you are thinking is what you are attracting! Beware of your thoughts. 

8. The best days of your life are yet to come. 

9. Take what you have learnt and run with it... the advice you’ve been given is to benefit you only. 

10. It’s time again to take stock of your dreams. 

11. Anything is possible... Impossible is I’m Possible. 

12. Do not fear failure, it is putting you where you need to be. 

13. Tell others your story. You don’t know who you’re inspiring. 

14. Onwards and upwards. 

15. Join a group of worthy souls to make your path a little clearer. 

16. Have the best day... it’s another day to win!

17. Take good care of you... pamper yourself today. 

18. Write down your thoughts. 

19. Keep going in the direction of your dreams. 

20. Believe you can or believe you cannot, either way you’re right! 

21. Take some time to allow your dreams to come to fruition. 

22. Decide whether or not you want to succeed! 

23. Declutter your thoughts and your home. Make a new start today. 

24. Give and when you feel like you cannot give anymore... give again. 

25. Listen to that little voice inside you telling you you’re great! 

26. Sometimes we have to fail in order to begin again... 

27. At times we do not know where we’re headed... look for the directions you’re being given. 

28. Little by little, day by day, you will find what you’re looking for... 

29. If you feel at a loss, think of all the times you strayed off track and then found your way back... 

30. It’s another new month about to begin... take stock of your thoughts all over again...