1. Oct, 2018

Mini readings for October 2018

October 2018

1. It is the bigger things in life that find us when we’re least expecting them. Go with the flow and see where it takes you. 

2. You are the only one who is in control of how you live your life. 

3. Sometimes we need to hear what a great job we’re doing, tell yourself daily. 

4. When times get tough, get tougher! 

5. Live life like you are just getting out the gate. 

6. If you feel something is wrong, don’t second guess it, it usually is. 

7. Take advice with a pinch of salt until it resonates with your own thoughts. 

8. Let others see what a great job you’re doing, pay them no heed to what they think you should be doing. 

9. In life we are given choices. The choices we make today will be what affects your future... choose wisely! There’s no going back. 

10.Whenever you think you’re heading in the wrong direction, turn around, you can do that you know. 

11. We were given one life. Make it count. 

12. Sometimes we need to do a u turn. Do you need to turn around? 

13. If you see an issue with someone, looking the mirror, is that issue present in yourself? 

14. Time has a way of making everything old. 

15. Live life today like it’s your last day on earth. 

16. Enjoy what you’ve been given, it slowly gets taken away. 

17. We’re all dying, we’ve been dying from the day we were born. It’s up to us how that end will affect us. Live graciously. 

18. Spend time with your children today. It matters. 

19. Give of yourself and when you feel you can no longer give, give more. 

20. Set goals and aim to reach them successfully, if you fail, try again. 

21. Our pockets do not need to hold cash if our hearts hold love. 

22. Make yourself a priority today, no one else will. 

23. If you’re feeling a little off... take a,few,moments to reflect. Was it something you ate? 

24. Take your children to the mall. 

25. It’s an amazing thing, this life. 

26. Take notice of the signs, they’re all around you. 

27. You’re Nearly there! 

28. Second guess yourself only when you think you need to. 

29. Others do not know the real you, show them! 

30. Live your life to the fullest, go out and enjoy what life you have left. 

31. Be sure to stop and smell the roses today. What is meant for you, will find you.