1. Sep, 2018

Mini readings for September 2018


1/9 Regrets and remorse will keep you from having a happy future. Let go of the past and allow all your tomorrows to breathe. 

2/9 Acceptance is your word for this month. There are plenty of events yet to take place in which you will have doubts about the outcomes... Accept! Accept! Accept! 

3/9 Travel figures greatly in your life at this time. Distance won't be a problem. Be sure to remember to take the tickets.

4/9 A long lost friend may pay you a visit... maybe it's time to let go of past regrets and look towards a sparkling new future... be sure to keep the kettle hot! 

5/9 The time has come to move on! Allow what has happened then, to stay in the then, live for the now! 

6/9 Take a good, long, hard look in the mirror! What do you see? Do you see what I see? Do you see a wonderful person staring back at you? Someone who is capable of achieving anything They put their mind to? Good! So now we're on the same page... 

7/9 Frustration for what you're not getting in life may set in... Just remember... For everything you have missed, you have gained something else... 

8/9 Holding onto past regrets will only steal your future hopes and dreams. Learn to let go! Allow your future to breathe. 

9/9 Anything you can dream, you can make happen! Believe in yourself and all you are! Good things are about to happen... Anything is possible. 

10/9 Only when you realize that holding onto grudges harms you from within. Forgiveness results in freedom.

11/9 At times we try to fix everyone's problems, try fixing your own first and you'll find that other's problems are much smaller than they appeared to be. 

12/9 When you love someone but they don't return your love, when you've given your all but you're all won't do... Step up! Rise up! You're better than that! Unrequited love is the cruelest love there is... hold your head up high and keep walking! 

13/9 Don't fight against the inevitable! What will be! Will be! Learn to go with the flow and let everything be all its meant to be simply by learning to accept... 

14/9 Only if you consider all the possibilties will you be able to access all the opportunities available to you. Live your life with an open mind and walk through many doors. Your possibilities are endless. 

15/9 The time has come to finish what you've started! Partial plans have been laid and now it's time to bring things to completion. 

16/9 Happiness is a state of mind... If you think happy, you'll be happy... Change your way of thinking and be happy with all you do and do not have... Happiness rocks!! 

17/9 We all come into each other's lives for a reason, season or a lifetime. Before you know it, someone arrives and someone departs, sometimes this may happen at the exact same time... Find the reason, Be grateful for the season and accept they weren't there for a lifetime... Remember!... All endings are a new beginning!

18/9 We're all on a road to self discovery. We'll meet many souls along the way. Be sure to grab hold of the hands of the ones who are travelling in the same direction and please remember, We're all just walking each other home. 

19/9 Self destruction is rife at this time of the year. Non belief in yourself and all you're capable of will inevitably destroy any future prospects, personal or business. You are capable of anything you put focus and intent into. You just need to believe! 

20/9 What you focus on Is what you'll attract! If you want love, focus on love... If you want joy, focus on joy! You attract what you think, if your life seems a little too hard to bear, change your thoughts ... Focus on the positive and you'll receive more of the same. 

21/9 Delay is good! You may be involved in something at this time which seems to be dragging its feet. Allow the time to discover the reasons for the delay. Putting it on the back burner may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. 

22/9 Take the time to get to know your neighbour. Ignorance breeds misunderstanding. Something that has been said, probably in jest, is apt to be misunderstood... Refrain from taking part in gossip... Rumours are hard to resist! 

23/9 At this time of this year it may be a good time to review your decisions you've made recently, if it feels you may have made a mistake then it's not too late to take a few steps back and amend them. Prevention is better than cure. 

24/9 Dreams are a manifestation of your waking thoughts. Be sure to think of something nice when you retire. Sweet dreams. 

25/9 In times of self restraint it's important to remember how strong we really are, if anger or frustration sets in, it's that time self restraint is most needed. Think before you act. 

26/9 Something you have begun and let go for quite some time now, is about to reach its deadline. The time has come to reassess the situation. Is it really necessary at this time or is it in excess of your requirements? Maybe it's time to let it go. 

27/9 Today is the right kind of day to release all the ghosts from the past. Allowing yourself to break free from that which you no longer need to cling to. Nothing is able to be changed... Let it all go! Live and let live! 

28/9 Allow yourself to be guilt free! Nothing you have done or said can be undone or unsaid! Learn to let go of the shame and move on! A new future awaits! 

29/9 Today, if you're feeling low, just remember we only die once! 

30/9 Today take a few moments and consider on which part of your path are you standing? The beginning? The middle? Or the end?